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First Post!

Dear fellow shippers,

Do you ever think your friends are kinda gay? Do you ever think that so and so should really hook up with their roommate? Do you ever look at two of your friends and think "oh my gosh, just make out already!"

Welcome to your home.

Here at ishipmyfriends, we understand your pain. We understand it very well. So, we have created a place for you to rant and fantasize about your friends and the ships therein to your heart's content. We have also left it open so that other people can read your fantasies and add a few of their own. It's creepy, we know, but sometimes you don't have any other choice!

With that in mind, we would like to direct everyone to the rules, which are posted in the userinfo. Those three rules boil down to one thing: BE NICE. If you aren't nice, we won't like you.

So go forth and ship, my friends!

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