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the first friend-fic

I figure I'll get the ball rolling with a piece of schlock I wrote about a pair of my friends. I have fantasized them into a specific universe, which I call The Freshman 15: Season 4, because if our lives were a television show, that would be the series name and season.

Ttitle: Caretaker
Author: fairtechymaiden
Pairing: Brick (Brandon and Nick)
Fandom: The Freshman 15: Season 4

"Where have you been all night?"

Nick sighed as he put down his oversized backpack next to the obscenely orange EMT bad cluttering their floor.

"I was in the library," he said.

Nick's roommate emerged from underneath his bed, clothing rumpled and glasses askew.  Brandon shiffled across the room and deposited the books on his desk.

"I was worried," said Brandon.  "You haven't been back all day."

His hair was greasy and he wasn't shaved, Nick noted.  Those were classic signs of another day and night spent researching something or other for no real reason other than to perfect it for some class that might not even count towards Brandon's major.  Sometimes Nick could almost kill the guy.

"Well, I was at dinner," said Nick.

"I forgot to go," Brandon said.  Okay, Nick could kill Brandon most of the time.


"I was busy!" he said, backing up instinctively towards the books, which Nick now saw were Dungeons and Dragons books, not textbooks, as previously assumed.

"You always are," said Nick.  "Did you get any work done, at least?"

"Most of it, actually," said Brandon.  "I'll probably need another hour to finish this paper."

Brandon's stoicism was undercut by a sudden yawn and the urge to rub his eyes like a small child.  He gave in to both.  Ah yes, thought Nick, this is why I put up with all the rest.  He beheld his roommate, dressed in oversized sweats and a t-shirt, looking for all the world like a sleepy toddler, albeit a scruffy one.

"Or we could go to sleep," said Nick.

"Paper due tomorrow," Brandon whined.

"You need to sleep," Nick said.  "You look really tired."  He did too.  Sleepy might be an adorable look on Brandon, but flat out tired was not.

"I passed 'really tired' four days ago," said Brandon.  "I am now at 'fricking exhausted'."

"So go to sleep," said Nick, walking over and removing Brandon't glasses.  Big brown eyes winked up at him.  He kissed him on the forehead and pulled him toward the bed.

"But I'm not done," said Brandon, trailing off as he saw the soft pillow and the clean sheets.

"You can finish it in the morning," said Nick, placing Brandon's glasses on the nightstand.

"Okay, you win," said Brandon, clambering into bed.  Nick went to pull away, but Brandon held fast.  "If I have to, you have to."

"Fine," said Nick, climbing up beside him. 

"So what were you doing in the library for so long?" said Brandon, as he curled into Nick's warmth.

"Homework," said Nick.

"You're just as bad as I am," said Brandon, smirking.

"At least I ate," said Nick, tightening his grip and loosening his shoulders.

"Shut up," said Brandon.

They snuggled down into the bedsheets.

"Who's going to turn off the light?"


So, thanks and welcome to ishipmyfriends!
Tags: brick, freshman 15
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