Anzila (anzila) wrote in ishipmyfriends,

Thought I'd kick things off

Heh, this idea came to me right away, which should probably worry me more that it does. Any contributions by myself will take place in a Heroes type fandom set at Hamilton College, will be in the form of drabbles because that's what I write, and will be violent because that's what my friends relationships are like. Enjoy.

Title: Body Double-My job is to Make Yours Necessary.
Author: Anzila
Pairing: See if you can figure it out. The only hint is that its het.
Fandom: Majoring in Heroics

Being able to clone yourself had endless perks. Plenty of help for that one day a year you cleaned your room. Being able to play multiple video games while downloading illegal movies. Finally having someone truly intelligent and good looking to talk to.

But the best benefit by far was having a ready made diversion for when you inevitable pissed off your super strong girlfriend.

“Not again!”
“I’d say I’m sorry, but we both would know I’d be lying.”
“I’m such a bas-*Wham!*
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