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ishipmyfriends's Journal

I Ship My Friends
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Hello, and welcome to ishipmyfriends, the only place online where you are allowed--nay, encouraged--to write fanfiction and fantasize about your firends. I sure do!

Still, even though this is an online forum, please be respectful of the rules. Said rules are as follows:

1. Be respectful of the people you are writing about. No mean stuff please! Keep it light and funny, because, after all, this is just for a good laugh.
2. Nothing overly graphic (no NC:17). Soft and schmoopy, people!
3. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF. I know this is hard to do and harder to police, but remember that this is ishipmyfriends, not ishipmyself.

So what is allowed? Stories, for starters. You can post a rant about why your friends are SO gya for each other. You could also post a story about your friends. If you do post a piece of fiction, please include:

Fandom: [make one up please, just for consistency! (and cause it's funny)]

Also, please place any piece of fiction underneath an lj cut.

Lastly, a word about being respectful: I know that this is funny, but please bear in mind that these are real people who could be really creeped out by this. You might even consider asking permission (I did!). But at the very least, please do not use their real names unless they give express permission.

Thanks and enjoy!